Aromatea standard


AROMATEA standard represents high standard in definition of natural cosmetics and raw materials, thus establishing aroma-cosmetics as special category and aromatherapy products as special purpose cosmetics.

AROMATEA standard, for the first time identifies aromatherapy products as special purpose cosmetics, which unlike other beauty products have special function, specific purpose and limited expiry date.


Natural aroma-cosmetics are more than regular products since they are meant to maintain harmony between man and nature. 

Etheric oils, cold pressed oils and hydrolates as basic components distinguish aroma-cosmetics not only as fragrance but the emphasis is on the nutrition and the effectiveness of aforementioned components and not only on the skin condition and smoothness of the skin.


AROMATEA standard aims to develop and support professionalism in the field of aromatherapy, aroma-cosmetics, aromacology through the establishment of models of primary vocational education and further development in the mentioned fields of expertise.

The main goals of AROMATEA standard are preservation of our environment and the wellbeing of the humans on our beautiful planet.