Our Story


Search for beauty has marked my career of beauty expert. In addition to the exploration of line, shape and color, my daily challenge is to discover inner beauty of people and highlight it in the most beauty way. People I have worked with have always insisted on feelings and assured me that beauty has the power to bring self-confidence, joy and pleasure.

I have realized that complex world of feelings is crucial element of beauty.

My desire to completely understand emotions lured me to the fantastic world of essential oils and aromatherapy. Aroma cosmetics turned out to be the answer that I have long sought.


Now I am sure that skin and body care should be uncompromising quality deeply entwined with nature in order to appeal to the senses and evoke emotions.  

When designing the first collection of DV Cosmetics I have connected my knowledge, ideas that I believe in, and the values that define me.


Now I can share my experience with everyone - I want us all to enjoy together the beauty, strength and the opulence of the soul. 

xx Dragan Vurdelja