DV Cosmetics Collection brings five gender-neutral skincare products with the addition of the unique at the market specialized beard-grooming product. All our products may be used by the persons of all ages since natural active substances should not have counter-effects nor cause excessive use consequences. 


DV Cosmetics Collection is created in accordance with the first aroma-cosmetic standard: all products are based on strict principles of high quality control, thus guaranteeing a completely natural origin of all ingredients, careful manual production and the most important thing - environment friendly packaging made of glass.


Rejuvenating gel

Contains natural active substances aloe vera and rosewood flower water.

The lightness and freshness of water derived from the flowers of rosewood in combination with Aloe Vera form the basis of the formula for maintenance of natural moisture and achievement of amazingly gentle and flawless skin tone. Rosewood aroma even in this mild formula seduces and relieves from stress, while Aloe Vera brings gentle breath of tropical breeze and perfectly refreshes and clears the mind.




• Light natural formula with triple effect

• Used for makeup removal, as washing gel, and intensive face moisturizer

• Suitable for all skin types including the sensitive ones

• Refreshes skin and makes it moist and smooth

• Excellent preparation for application of care products

• Does not contain sulfates*

• Divine scent of rosewood eliminates stress



Contains natural active substances of baobab oil, herbal hyaluronic acid originated from tamarind seed oil and rosewood oil.


Baobab oil brings to your skin the power of one of the oldest and the most resistant species, which for centuries defies very long and exhausting draughts in African savannas. The extract derived from the oil of Tamarind seed, which is used for ages in nutrition and treatment, represents natural alternative to the hyaluronic acid and is indispensable for profound hydration and soothing of all the wrinkles and irritations of the skin. This powerful blend of ancient African plants forms the basis of a formula of natural skin protection, which is complemented by the aroma of rosewood that protects against stress by stimulation of mental freshness and inner balance.


• Lavish natural formula for intensive and deep hydration

• Nourishes dry and dehydrated skin

• Restores the vitality of the skin and supports regeneration

• Prevents the occurrence of new wrinkles and softens the existing ones

• Rejuvenates protective surface layer of the skin

• Protects skin from the environmental influences

• The skin becomes soft, silky and radiant


Contains natural active substances of papaya seed, aloe vera and rosewood oil.


The oil form the seeds of papaya – known as Nirvana seed, soothes the skin by balancing the natural processes of moistening and creation of fat. Aloe Vera penetrates deeply, revives and regenerates the skin and it complements its natural balance. And last but not least, the crown jewel of this aroma-cosmetic combination – the rosewood oil, erases the boundaries between body and soul, and establishes long lasting calming effect of inner balance and fulfillment.


• Light and fast-absorbing formula that nourishes and revitalizes

• Establishes the balance necessary for combination and oily skin

• Deeply hydrates and rejuvenates the skin

• Regulates the secretion of fat and provides matte appearance of the skin

• Prevents the occurrence of new wrinkles and softens the existing ones

• Protects skin from the environmental influences

• The skin becomes moist, elastic and fresh

Youth Elixir

Contains natural active substances of pomegranate seed oil, chia seed oil and rosewood oil.


The youth is maintained only by combination of strength and impeccable inner harmony. The nutritious pomegranate seed oil revives, rejuvenates and improves skin texture while chia seed oil is rich with natural antioxidants and fatty acids and represents the irreplaceable source of energy in the battle against time. Intensive and fruity aroma of rosewood creates the harmonious combination of mental and physical power, which stabilizes and relieves stress.


• Light natural formula that nourishes and revitalizes

• Stimulates cell regeneration and natural collagen production

• May be used additional treatment or daily care for all skin types

• Slows down the occurrence of new wrinkles and softens the existing ones

• Intensely nourishes the skin and strengthens it

• Deeply hydrates and regenerates the skin

• The skin becomes fresh, silky and radiant

Eye lift cream

Contains natural active substances of acai berry seed, cottonseed oil and rosewood oil.


The area around eyes determines the facial expression and it is necessary to strengthen and revive it, so the skin is able to follow the constant dynamics of eye movement. The acai berry seed oil comprises the amazing combination of natural acids and fats which jointly reduce the effects of small wrinkles, provides protection against UV radiation and stimulate circulation and natural production of collagen which gives skin elasticity and thus enables it to shine. The cottonseed oil represents the basis of this formula and is the source of high concentration of vitamin E, while the rosewood oil has relaxing effect, relieves and provides a source of stability to this potent aroma-cosmetic combination.


• Formula with natural hyaluronic acid provides long-lasting hydration of the skin and enhance its elasticity and vitality

• It restores firmness and elasticity of the gentle area around the eye

• Slows down the occurrence of new wrinkles and softens the existing ones

• Nourishes the skin and prevents moisture loss

• Stimulates microcirculation

• The skin becomes firmer and smooth, without bloating


Beard Conditioner

Contains natural substances of hazelnut oil, rice oil,

neroli oil, tangerine and sandalwood oils and natural vitamin E.


A mixture of subtle oils of hazelnut and rice hydrates and combination of natural fats and high concentration of vitamin E and healthy flavonoids soothes the skin, removes imperfections and helps the maintenance of the structure and color of the hair and provides necessary UV protection. Neroli oil extracted from the white flower of bitter orange blossoms together with tangerine and its citrus notes stimulate circulation and bring a whiff of Mediterranean, while the heart of sandalwood adds a strong and exotic note and balances this complex aroma-cosmetic formula.


• Natural formula, specially designed for beard care and intensive hydration of the face*

• Regenerates beard hair**, restores vitality and shine

• Beard texture becomes fuller and incredibly soft

• Nourishes skin and prevents moisture loss

• Calms inflammation, relives irritation or redness of the skin

• Contains natural protection from UV radiation

• Gives neat appearance for all beard types, especially the mischievous ones


* It is recommended to use it after the application of Rejuvenating Gel.
**The product is specially designed to prevent itching and ingrown hairs.

Rosewood Story - essential oil of rosewood

 For the key ingredient in my first collection of products I have chosen the essential oil of rosewood since I am personally very attached to it. This plant originates from Brazil, a country of vigorous life and passion, and with its strength, intense opulence of colors and textures it symbolizes happiness, fulfillment and spiritual wealth. Essential oil of rosewood, which is indispensible component in aromatherapy and cosmetic industry, has powerful psychological and energetic effect. It is in relations with emotional and intellectual strength which frees the psyche and brings a moment of insight, cathartic sense of spiritual balance.


The scent of rosewood has a calming effect on emotions, and brings inner satisfaction and peace, provides a sense of serenity and triumph over fear, anxiety, loneliness and misunderstanding. Only when we inhale the strength of rosewood and see through the expectations we are truly able to be everything we want, to express ourselves creatively and achieve our full potential in every field.


When we appease our thoughts the reality becomes clearer and our goals become closer and more realistic, which opens a huge mental space for new ideas. 

Rosewood oil is the basis of the first DV Cosmetics Collection since its symbolism is related to the idea understanding of larger perspective, mental, emotional and spiritual liberation, new values and the power of ideas, articulated expression, strong and focused creativity, and serene communication of thoughts and feelings.